Laser cleaning

Laser cleaning

We offer laser cleaning of different surfaces.

Laser technology uses a high-frequency laser that projects a pulsating laser beam onto the surface to be cleaned.

The coating covering the material, which might be rust, dirt, paint or anything else, is subjected to excessive heating, after which it disappears by means of evaporation or sublimation and conversion to a gas.

The clever thing in this regard is that it is the overlying layer that receives the excessive heat – not the underlying surface, e.g. the metal.
In other words, this means that the object itself is not damaged and does not change shape – even if wood is involved, for example.

Laser cleaning does not use chemicals or harmful substances. All that is needed is power, and with laser cleaning you avoid hazardous dust, noise, water and chemicals. In addition, the process produces very little waste.

Gardit laserafrensning overfladebehandling

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