Gardit A/S

We are specialists in surface treatment

Gardit A/S

We offer a wide range of surface treatment techniques for steel and concrete structures

Fire paint

We offer and provide advice on passive fire protection of steel and other materials.

Drone inspection

We offer a drone inspection service, which is a simple, effective method of inspection.


Gardit A/S has many years of experience in project management for large and small clients.

Epoxy floors

We offer durable, hard-wearing epoxy floors for industrial facilities.

FROSIO inspection

FROSIO-certified paint inspection of steel structures.

Plastic coating

Plastic coating provides a strong, waterproof coating with good adhesion.

Laser cleaning

We offer laser surface cleaning. A gentle, eco-friendly method of cleaning.


We offer metallisation of individual small items for large iron and steel structures.


Our consultants have many years of experience and have completed FROSIO training.


We offer sandblasting of structures of all shapes and sizes – large and small.


We offer tape coating, which reliably protects metallic items against corrosion.

Water Jetting UHP

We offer ultra-high pressure water jetting of up to 3,000 bar.

Coating and painting

Coating and painting steel and concrete is a true craft that requires knowledge and experience.
Our mission

We want to add value for our customers by providing their structures with optimal protection in all environments.

We want to put the customer front and centre and sell quality solutions at a competitive price.
We want to be an attractive workplace for the best employees in the industry.
Market leader
We want to be the leading provider of surface treatments in the market for industrial coatings.
We want to create profit so that we can invest in and develop the business.
Gardit A/S

We are specialists in surface treatment

Der stilles naturligvis store krav til alle led i overfladebehandlingsprocessen, som skal kunne dokumenteres til mindste detalje lige fra modtagelse til levering. Gardit er specialister indenfor overfladebehandling af alle typer stål- og betonkomponenter uanset størrelse.