We offer

Industrial surface treatment for a number of sectors

National or international

If the structures can’t come to Gardit, Gardit will go to the structures.


Gardit has been maintaining tank systems for many years and works alongside leading tank builders.


Gardit carries out surface treatment of ships in ports and shipyards and on ships in service. We have the experience and the know-how.


We have experienced offshore employees who can perform inspection tasks and surface treatment.

Gas and oil

Surface treatment of offshore steel structures places exceptionally high demands on several parameters.


Gardit has been helping to maintain bridges in Denmark and other countries since 1965 and as a result has acquired great expertise.


Gardit has been maintaining critical infrastructures for the armed forces, public authorities and utility owners for decades.
Our mission

We want to add value for our customers by providing their structures with optimal protection in all environments.

We want to put the customer front and centre and sell quality solutions at a competitive price.
We want to be an attractive workplace for the best employees in the industry.
Market leader
We want to be the leading provider of surface treatments in the market for industrial coatings.
We want to create profit so that we can invest in and develop the business.
Gardit A/S

Specialists in surface treatment

Of course, great demands are placed on all stages of the surface treatment process, which must be able to be documented down to the smallest detail, right from receipt to delivery. Gardit are specialists in the surface treatment of all types of steel and concrete components regardless of size.