Drone inspection

Drone inspection

We offer a drone inspection service using our own drones.

A drone inspection is a simple, effective method of inspection for structures such as tanks, bridges, masts or chimneys. The technology now available allows us to carry out inspections without risking safety. At the same time, it is significantly cheaper to carry out inspections without expensive lifts or scaffolding when working at height.

The drone either takes pictures or records videos, which can be analysed after the inspection, allowing targeted repairs to be carried out.

Drone inspections provide eye-catching and time-saving benefits.


Do you need advice on drone inspection?

If you have any questions about drone inspections, or if you have a specific task for which you want a non-binding quote, please feel free to contact us by calling +45 8662 4499 or e-mailing gardit@gardit.dk.

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