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Gardit A/S wishes to have an open corporate culture where anyone can freely come forward and report any reasonable suspicions or knowledge of irregularities or illegalities in relation to Gardit A/S’s activities, employees, management, suppliers, etc. with full anonymity.

Gardit is aware that in some cases an open corporate culture is not enough to ensure that information about illegalities or irregularities is passed on through Gardit’s regular communication channels.

As an additional measure, therefore, Gardit has established an internal whistleblower scheme.

The whistleblower scheme is not regulated by the Danish Act on Protection of Whistleblowers, but has been established as a voluntary scheme.

The purpose of the whistleblower scheme

The aim of the whistleblower scheme is to

  • Increase a person’s opportunities for expressing reasonable suspicions or knowledge of illegality and serious breaches within Gardit without this potentially having negative consequences.
  • Protect anyone who submits a report to the whistleblower scheme in good faith, and
  • Increase the likelihood that errors and irregularities or illegalities will be detected as soon as possible.


The whistleblower scheme is an alternative and supplement to the regular communication channels within Gardit.

Therefore, use of the whistleblower scheme is voluntary, and consideration should always be given to whether an issue can be handled appropriately by contacting the management of Gardit (immediate manager or their manager), or through other established contact points.

In particular, the whistleblower scheme is intended for situations in which a potential whistleblower does not feel comfortable using the usual channels of communication, for instance because of fear of being sanctioned, as well as situations in which recourse has already been made via the usual means of communication and that has not led to the issue being addressed appropriately.


Who can submit a report to Gardit’s whistleblower scheme?

The whistleblower scheme may be used by anyone who has access to information that the person wishes to report in connection with their work-related activities when the person belongs to one of the following categories:


  • Employees of Gardit
  • Self-employed workers (subcontractors to Gardit),
  • shareholders and members of the Executive Management and the Board of Directors of Gardit,
  • volunteers, paid or unpaid trainees,
  • Employees of subcontractors and suppliers,
  • any of the above persons where the employment relationship has already ended, and
  • any of the above persons where the employment relationship has not yet begun, when the reported information relates to breaches which the person has learned about during the recruitment process or other pre-contractual negotiations.


How can you submit a report to Gardit’s whistleblower scheme

Reports can be submitted electronically to Gardit’s whistleblower scheme on the following platform:


More information about the whistleblower scheme is available on our reporting platform.