Quality, Health, Safety and Environment


Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

At Gardit we undertake surface treatment with attitude

Here at Gardit, we work purposefully according to our values, which prioritise quality, the environment and the working environment. This led to us receiving Denmark’s Arbejdsmiljøprisen (Working Environment Award) in 2018 for developing a method that will help prevent accidents during sandblasting.

In 2021 the Danish Working Environment Authority awarded us a KRONESMILEY (green smiley) for our systematic work environment management. A KRONESMILEY shows that we have a recognised working environment certificate and have made an extraordinary effort to ensure an exceptional working environment.

Per S Eriksen
Vision Zero
Vision Zero

A journey towards zero accidents

All accidents are preventable. We maintain a common focus on safety as part of our day-to-day work. The thinking behind Vision Zero is a strategy that we use, among other things, to prevent accidents.

Zero accidents should not be regarded as an absolute goal, but rather as a process or journey that involves new ways of thinking and working with safety.

Gardit’s employees follow a regular training programme and receive continuing in-service training.

Vision Zero


We are certified in accordance with:

  • ISO 9001 quality
  • ISO 14001 environment
  • ISO 45001 occupational health and safety

Almost 100 years in the industry and 100% focus on quality, the environment and the working environment give Gardit the best conditions for performing professional surface treatment on steel and concrete structures.

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