Gardit A/S

Almost 100 years of experience in the industry

We are specialists in

Surface treatment and corrosion protection of steel and concrete

Gardit is a Danish family-owned business specialising in surface protection of steel and concrete structures. The company is situated in Denmark, but mobile teams work worldwide and perform tasks in many countries.

Our name – Gardit – is derived from the English phrase guard it.

The company was founded in Denmark in 1923, specialising in pretreatment and surface treatment of steel structures, such as wind turbines, ships, bridges, tanks, transformers, cranes, chimneys, power plants, wastewater treatment plants, gas plants and drilling rigs.

Today Gardit is owned by the 4th generation of the family and is still located near Viborg, where it all started, although there is now also a mobile division that carries out on-site projects around the world.



We want to put the customer front and centre and sell quality solutions at a competitive price.


We want to be an attractive workplace for the best employees in the industry.

Market leader

We want to be the leading provider of surface treatments in the market for industrial coatings.
Gardit A/S

Specialists in surface treatment

Of course, great demands are placed on all stages of the surface treatment process, which must be able to be documented down to the smallest detail, right from receipt to delivery. Gardit are specialists in the surface treatment of all types of steel and concrete components regardless of size.


Whether in relation to advice or actual implementation, individual structures or turnkey contracts, whether in Denmark, inside or outside, the key competences are:

  • Cleaning
  • Metallisation
  • Surface preparation
  • Coating

Gardit is a supplier to sectors that all place high demands on surface treatment.

  • Oil & gas
  • Renewable energy
  • Chemicals industry
  • Power, heating and electricity industry
  • Shipping
  • Offshore
  • Infrastructure
  • Process plants
Our mission

We want to add value for our customers by providing their structures with optimal protection in all environments.

Our vision

We want to be the leading provider of surface treatments in the market for industrial coatings.

Our values


Ready for change
We live in a time where changes are constantly taking place, and where you are also expected to think about improvements to the existing.
We need to be able to talk honestly and uncomplicatedly with each other about our work.
We need all our employees to give their best every day at work.
Quality consciousness
Customers demand high efficiency in all our processes, but they would rather wait a day if we are unsure about safety or quality.
We cannot afford to have employees who do not perform optimally in the most efficient way.