The wind power industry chooses its suppliers with great care. Gardit A/S has been a part of the game from the beginning.

The wind power industry requires a working lifetime of 20 years for each unit. Wind turbines must be able to withstand harsh weather, wind and environmental conditions and high demands are made on every stage in the production process. Documentary proof must be provided in every detail from receipt to delivery.

Gardit A/S complies with current quality requirements and performs surface protection of tower sections, blades, cabins and other component parts for the wind power industry. Gardit A/S has a capacity to perform surface protection corresponding to one million square metres on a yearly basis.

Selected Wind Farm References

Offshore/onshore wind farms:


  • OWEZ, Vestas 82.000 m2
  • Horns Rev, Vestas 80.000 m2
  • Barrow, Vestas 80.000 m2
  • Q7, Vestas 80.000 m2
  • Robin Rigg, Vestas 75.000 m2
  • Kentish Flats, Vestas 71.000 m2


  • Wronki, Poland, Vestas 5.000 m2
  • Inowroclaw, Poland, Vestas 4.000 m2
  • Lisheen Mine, Ireland, Vestas 4.000 m2
  • Saxberget, Sweden, Vestas 3.500 m2
  • Moerdijk, The Netherlands, Vestas 3.000 m2
  • Baggeragh, Ireland Vestas 3.000 m2
  • Inchee, Ireland, Vestas 3.000 m2
  • Braes of Doune, Scotland, Vestas 3.000 m2
  • Havsnäs, Sweden, Vestas 2.400 m2
  • Middelgrund, Denmark, Vestas 2.000 m2
  • Szprotawa, Poland, Vestas 2.000 m2
  • Towers, Denmark, Siemens 1.500 m2




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Surface protection of wind turbines