We have the experience

Surface protection offshore is a big challenge. Gardit A/S has more than 30 years’ of experience in the field


Big demands

Repair and maintenance at sea make extraordinary demands on safety and working environment due to harsh weather conditions. Moreover, to comply with strictest international standards it requires highly qualified employees and special tools and equipment. From the beginning was Gardit A/S a part of the big oil adventure on the North Sea. In the beginning of the seventies, the first projects on the Danfield arrived.
Employees from Gardit A/S, surface treated and corrosion protected the enormous steel constructions on the Danish underground Consortiums drilling rigs.

We were there from the start

Around 1980 Gardit A/S got their first projects on the big Tyrafield, where DUC brought up there natural gas from the underground. At first, there was about 30 employees hired under the construction of the field and since the construction; Gardit A/S got a big part of the maintenance work on the field and the maintenance work of other drilling rigs.

When the offshore-activities were at the highest, Gardit A/S had about 140 employees hired on the North Sea.